Compliance Packaging

Compliance Packaging in Walnut Creek, CA

If you happen to be on a few different prescriptions, it can be easy to forget taking your pills when you need to.

Storing and organizing medications with bottles and pillboxes can be a hassle. If you take more than one prescription daily, compliance packaging makes it easier to remember which pills you need to take and when you need to take it. 

Advance Medical Pharmacy offers Blister Packing and Pouch Packing that will solve all of these problems.
Blister Packaging is a multi-pill and capsule packaging system that allows for an easier method of taking your pills. Now you can keep track of your intake and know what time, which pill and how much to take with the blister packing method. 

Since your medications are already grouped or separated by an intake schedule, this system keeps your medications organized all of the time. 

Each blister sheet not only protects the medications in its hard plastic shell, but also makes it easier to tell which medication is in it with contents and the time/date of intake already pre-sorted by your pharmacist and clearly labeled. 
Pouch Packaging is a more convenient method to store your medication. Perfect for travel and storage in any situation. This system has a pre-sorting and organization concept similar to Blister Packing medications but the pills will be packed together in durable series of plastic sheets. If you’re traveling for a couple of days, you’ll only need to take the number of pouches to last you the trip.
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