What is Compounding?

Compounding Pharmacy
serving Walnut Creek, CA

Utilizing the art and science of pharmacy, prescription compounding is custom combination of drugs and chemicals to create medicines specific to meet the specific individual needs of patients. Using the latest in research and state-of-the-art technology, we have the ability to create custom medications in strengths, flavors, and dosage forms that are not already commercially available. We start with our extensive knowledge of pharmacology and chemistry, then take into account the potential for incompatibilities and interactions within the container of the patient’s body. We also work with the prescribing doctor or physician to ensure that we create the optimal solution for our patients’ needs.

Compounding has been an established part of the pharmaceutical field as the standard means of providing patients with prescription medication before pharmaceutical manufacturers started producing them in mass quantities. Our compounding pharmacy creates custom prescriptions for the Walnut Creek, CA area.

Custom Prescription Compounding Includes:

  • Making a medication in a custom strength that is not commercially available. 
  • Specially preparing a medication that has been back ordered or discontinued due to economic concerns, not safety.
  • Creating a concentrated liquid or a rectal suppository medication for patients who cannot swallow traditional tablets or capsules.
  • Preparing medications that are free of dyes, preservatives, or fillers for patients with specific allergies. 
  • Making custom-flavored medication for children who dislike the taste of commercially available products or cannot swallow traditional pills or capsules.
  • Creating a medication that combines several medications into a single dosage form to increase patient compliance and improve their health outcome.
  • Creating medications and preparing unique dosage forms that animals will take willingly.
Ask to speak to our compounding pharmacist, Gerald Tung, about any compounding questions. He will be glad to help with your special needs.
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